Lakhmir Singh Biology "IMPROVEMENT IN FOOD RESOURCES" Solutions

Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 9 Solutions Page No:59

Question 1:What is green revolution?

Answer 1:The enormousincrease in the production of food grain (especially wheat) during- the last three decades, due to use of seeds ofHYV (= High Yielding Varieties), higher dose of fertilizers and pesticides, and irrigation is known as green revolution.

Question 2:Mention the crop whose production has increased by blue revolution and yellow revolution.

Answer 2:Fish and oil production

Question 3:Give one example each of kharif and rabi crops.

Answer 3:Rice and what, respectively.

Question 4:What are plant nutrients?

Answer 4:Plant nutrients are inorganic raw materials that are absorbed from soil (water and air) by the plants for building up organic matter.

Question 5:Name the three most itnportant mineral elements required for plant growth.

Answer 5: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Question 6: Name any two micronutrients,required by plants.

Answer 6: Manganese and Zinc.

Question 7: Name any two macrenutrients required by plants.

Answer 7: Carbon and Sulphur.

Question 8:What name has been given to the elements required by plants in (a) smaller amount; (b) larger amount.

Answer 8: (a) Micronutrients; (b) Macronutrients.

Question 9: State whether iron is a micronutrient with respect to plants

Answer 9: Iron is a micronutrient of plants.

Question 10. What is manure ?

Answer 10. Manure is partially decomposed organic matter formed from animal wastes (such as dung of cattle) and crop residue that is added to soil for increase in fertility.

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